Hello SOFTglass

Developed by Max Jaffe (MFA 1: MTIID)

The S.O.F.T. (Sonification Of Flowing Temporality) Glass is an hourglass
that makes and manipulates sound.

In its final form, it will be a sculptural object that can double as
a musical instrument, based on the simple and enduring
timekeeping device dating back at least to the 16th
century BC. Utilizing a variety of sensor types, the final
form will be an interactive object that users can treat as a
sound-maker or a timepiece. When treated as a
timepiece, the passage of time becomes marked by the
eventual absence of sound.

During this difficult time, realizing this project as a
physical object for the attendees of CalArts Expo to play with is
no longer feasible. I'll get there. We'll get there. But for
now, please enjoy this web model developed specifically
for Expo.

Acknowledgements and Thank Yous:
Charlie Danner
Michael Darling
Madeline Falcone
Ajay Kapur
Michael Leisz
Andrew Piepenbrink
Dexter Shepherd

Partial funding provided by Calarts Student Union

And most importantly, thank you to my family
and loved ones for their endless love and support

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